True Leadership by Michael Aloia

What is leadership and how does it benefit those whom we lead?

The essence of real leadership is the ability to inspire others to achieve greatness. Greatness, being a relative term, is the best that anyone can be and often great leaders, by example, have the capability to release that power in those they serve. Inspiration tends to lead to aspiration, inspiring more inspiration to aspire to reach even further. It is a never-ending cycle if done in a positive manner.

Making an impact on someone’s life is not to be taken lightly. Sometimes the impact leaders make on another is not always known. Regardless of the size of the impact, there is a bond forged. There is a trust given. There is a vision shared. Great leaders have a clear picture of that vision and have taken the steps to make it reality. Those who choose to follow also share similar goals yet may not have the clarity to step out on their own, but their role is just as important. Those who follow now will likely lead later, thus, the example set by current leaders is pertinent to the leadership of the future. It is not a solo endeavor. On the contrary, there is a moral, ethical, and social responsibility to lead with honesty and integrity as it upholds standards for potential generations of leaders to come.

Each day we are confronted with challenges and those challenges are tests of character. How we lead others is a direct reflection on how we lead ourselves. Be honest, be true. Don’t compromise the positions of those you lead. A leader is a representative of a team. And a team represents a group working towards the same accomplishment. The team trusts you, trust yourself. Never betray either trust.  

Look to inspire and you will find you will be inspired by those whom you serve.

Qualities of a Leader

  1. Show respect – for yourself and others. Others are more inclined to follow if they respect you.
  2. Communicate – say what you mean and mean what you say.
  3. Have integrity – do what you do even when others are not watching. Don’t be swayed.
  4. Have a vision – give others a reason to share the vision.
  5. Be grounded – be focused and always demonstrate hope.
  6. Have courage – continue to find the silver lining.
  7. Be committed – lead others by example.  
  8. Show humility – be a team leader by being a team player.
  9. Take responsibility – take ownership of your role – the good and the bad – be accountable.
  10. Show determination – be willing to go the distance.  

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