The Benefits of Receiving

A short piece discussing the role of uke, the receiver of the technique, in training. This originally appeared in jujitsu pioneer Geroge Kirby's Kokoro newsletter in October 2018 issue. Uke – the “attacker,” the “opponent,” or the “one who is being thrown” – is the counterpart role of nage/tori, the one who performs the technique/throw. During … Continue reading The Benefits of Receiving

Reflecting on John Donohue’s Warrior Dreams

Donohue, John J. Warrior Dreams: The Martial Arts and the American Imagination. Westport, Conn: Praeger, 1994. One would think that a scholarly/academic monograph on the martial arts would be somewhat of a labor to read let alone understand the points the author attempts to make. This is the exact opposite when reading John Donohue’s Warrior … Continue reading Reflecting on John Donohue’s Warrior Dreams

Interview with CEO of USA Judo Keith Bryant

In this interview, Keith Bryant, CEO of USA Judo since 2016, discussed judo and America’s largest judo organizations’ responses to the decline in popularity of the martial arts. Such topics include membership numbers, creating a new American judo development model, standardizing teaching methods in the Coaching Task Force. Interview conducted in April 2019. MAYTT: Before … Continue reading Interview with CEO of USA Judo Keith Bryant