Martial Arts of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A judo class in Rohwer, Arkansas Internment Camp, November 1942
  • The Critical Zone by Michael Aloia

    20 Oct 2021 by

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Until they run out of gas. The old adage of perseverance, determination, and fortitude in the eye of overwhelming odds may have its place on the field of play, but when running the risk of burnout from overexposure and improper attention to personal wellness, it can… Read more

  • Interview with Kenshi Jim Nakabara: His Father and Kendo

    13 Oct 2021 by

    Jim Nakabara began training kendo at the age of ten under his father, Torataro Nakabara, later earning a yondan in 1977. Today, Nakabara took some time to discuss his father’s contribution to kendo in Southern California. We thank Akira Banchi for his assistance as mediator and Jim Nakabara for providing the images. Martial Arts of… Read more

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