Martial Arts Equipment: Elite Sports and Born Tough

Throughout the field of history, some of the smallest and minute aspects of life get overlooked by the deeds, actions, and legacies many who came before us left behind. In the field of martial arts, material is quietly overlooked, such as the types and styles of uniforms and the quality of training equipment practitioners used in their day-to-day sessions. That is why I am excited to be taking a deeper look into this aspect of martial arts material culture with Elite Sports and Born Tough!

Elite Sports felt the need to create better quality products without a martial artist overspending. Many times martial artists have experienced equipment and uniforms failing, ripping, or tearing in the middle of training sessions and competitions. In an effort to negate such occurrences, Elite Sports focuses on giving practitioners quality equipment and uniforms so martial artists only have to worry about their training, not how their gear will perform.

Since popular culture has seeped into almost every aspect of modern life, so too has martial arts, specifically with clothing. Born Tough demonstrates that though many martial arts focus on what they need for training, there are those who want to proudly show others exactly what they do during their spare time. The narrowing of this connection between training gear and apparel is a cultural phenomenon.

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